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Everyone Wants A Discount…Give It To Them!

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Amazon is the affiliate marketer’s best friend sometimes, and Zon Discount Finder has just made it even better. At its core, it’s a WordPress plugin that has been optimized to get as much juice out of Amazon’s affiliate system, so any of you guys using the Amazon affiliate program should definitely be looking into this. It’s absolutely amazing!

As with many WordPress plugins, Zon Discount Finder is super-easy to install. All you need to do to get started after installation is insert your Amazon affiliate ID code and wait! Simply put, anyone using the plugin will have all visitors using the widget get a 24-hour cookie that ensures anything purchased by the visitor on Amazon in the next 24 hours gives you a nice commission.

Simple! So how does it work for visitors? They’ll see a discount finder on Amazon that they use to find what they want. If you have a targeted niche WordPress blog for a very specific kind of product, you already know that this plugin is a serious winner – and the search feature works for the entire Amazon store, so even if a visitor searches an unrelated product, you’re still getting the full benefit of that cookie.

There’s very little else to say about this plugin except how much I love it! It’s easy to install, easy to use and adds a nice little revenue stream to any website you adapt it to. What more could you really want? Go get it today and enjoy just how easy it can be to make internet marketing work sometimes!

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