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ZeroBounce WP Plugin

Did you know that your website could be losing over 50% of its traffic because of visitors who come and leave without taking any action? This is according a recent study that was made to establish the real effect of bounce back rate on an average website. So, imagine what losing over half of your hard-earned traffic means to your business and even worse still, Google is tracking these stats and are putting them to account when ranking website. Thus, bounce back mean lost traffic, lost money, lost leads and it’s bad for SEO/your website ranking.

Now there is a new way to recapture the traffic you are losing every day by just installing a simple yet very powerful plugin on your site, called “ZeroBounce WP Plugin”. This plugin will allow you to redirect visitors to any URL of choice when they click the back button. It’s simple when a visitor clicks the back button, they are redirected to your desired page so that you create one more opportunity to make money from them. And no complicated installation processes – just activate this plugin inside WP Admin Area, add your redirect URL (which could be an affiliate/CPA offer or any other site) save the setting, and you are ready to manage all the bounce back traffic for the site from one main site.

It will help you stop losing traffic due to bounce back

Increase your sales, commissions, and profits without having to work harder

Also, increase your site ranking with ease!

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