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WSO Protocol

If you’re a new or a seasoned marketer looking for quality stuff to add to your stock of resourceful documents, then definitely this WSO Protocol by Paul and Mark is a great product to get. The duo are known internet marketers who have immersed vast knowledge from their years of experience and continue to help many cross the red line with their online marketing courses. In this package, they share an incredibly exciting experience of moving from $0-$3,099 in only thirty days. 50 page PDF + bonus with several WSO case studies and examples of successful WSO, do and don’ts and great tips.

In this thrilling report, you will learn how to approach these critical thirty days. Some three simple goals that will keep you moving in the process, three types of traffic to choose and some highly effective ways of running a successful WSO, including how to get some good comments for your WSO. Other important lessons include:-

– A theme and plug-in to use for outside sales and delivery

– Essential success keys

– The AKB formula of great headlines

– The four anchors of entertaining copy (for those who hate hype)

– Headline autopsy (page 15)

– Simple ways to make your offers humorous

– Your WSO 30 day step-by-step profit plan checklist and so many other mouth watering tips.

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