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WordPress Theme For Boosting Amazon Commissions

WP Zoner Theme image

Amazon Affiliates often have one issue when setting up their website: it simply doesn’t look all that much like Amazon’s, and that tends to drive conversion rates down rather than up. If only you could get some of that Amazon coding magic, right?

WP Zoner Theme is the theme that you have been searching for, and it is the best Amazon theme I’ve ever seen for WordPress. Not only is it a slick-looking theme that apes many of the pro features that Amazon uses, it also adds extra functionality, while giving support for six different Amazon countries.

This program is amazing; with so many features I hardly know where to start.

Along with automatic SEO optimization, customization of menus is super-simple, while social media integration and product reviews have been made as smooth as Amazons. The theme itself installs in just a couple of minutes, giving you quick access to a powerful back office that lets you get your theme exactly as you’ve always pictured it – and inputting your Amazon affiliate ID takes about the same amount of time.

Use AdSense? Then the good news is that you can integrate this in too, and I believe also others. Combine all this with tracking options that make your A/B split tests a breeze, WP Zoner Theme manages to take all the best features of every other Amazon-related theme, put them together and leave out the not so great features.

If you are an Amazon affiliate, you need this WordPress theme. It’s so simple to use yet offers so many features that you won’t need to look for any other themes or even plugins. Everything is right here to get your sales exploding!


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