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WP Social Boost

Let’s face it; the traditional social sharing buttons are just not working well anymore. Just like what happened with banner advertising and the infamous “banner blindness,” people are no longer reacting to these social share buttons and opt-in email forms that marketers are using on their websites. Thus, as a serious marketer, you need something new and more exciting to get visitors to share your content. You need to be more innovative and stand out from your competitors, and that is the alternative this WP Social Boost offers. This brand new, highly powerful plugin will help you give your posts and pages a new, unique look that your visitors will actually love.

This easy to use plugin, with a very friendly Admin Panel has easy access to all settings so that you can customize its shortcodes and easily copy-paste them to add to any or all of your web pages. You will have 100% control over the shortcodes’ content and behavior, and you can mix and match them or use the shortcodes on every post to maximize the social power. It will enable you to combine the power of social share buttons and email marketing in a very innovative way. Just easily add your email code like GetResponse, Aweber, and others and customize the form in any way you like. Set up viral video shortcode, add a scroll Facebook PopUp, and exit Facebook PopUp as well.

Within hours of installing this plugin, you will have couple of subscribers and traffic already because it’s super effective

It’s also an easy way of ensuring you get more shares and help your content go viral

You will easily gain an edge above your competition and not just attract more visitors from your viral posts and pages, but also make Google and other search engines rank your site very well.

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