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WP Rapid Affiliate

How would you like to have the power to be able to create super, even hyper-effective affiliate marketing campaigns the easier way – and also enjoy incredible conversion results that are, on average 300% better than traditional direct linking?

If you’re not sure what that means, then let me explain what “dead linking” is: this is linking to an affiliate offer directly without sending people to a pre-sales page. That’s bad enough, as you can’t add your own powerful sales copy to get people even more excited about buying, but that’s not even the worst of it. The worst of it is that many advertising networks, such as Facebook, will just outright reject your affiliate campaigns.

Simply put, do not dead-link, because it’s just bad for your business! The best solution is in fact to presell, for the reasons I described above. Now, I know what you are probably thinking – this sound difficult, and you might not really know how to do it. Perhaps you think you write long, boring emails, or that your blog distracts visitors – who may not really have time to consume all that extra content (and who wants to read lots and lots of words, anyway?

OK, these are all completely valid criticisms – which is why you should be looking directly at WP Rapid Affiliate, which is going to help you to solve all your issues. Essentially, this software makes it very easy to create video pages that convert 300% better than direct linking, helping you to motivate videos so you sell more.

It goes without saying that you can use this to promote just about any ClickBank, JVZoo, or CPA offer among others, but the real beauty here is that you won’t even need to create your own videos. You’ll save a bunch of time, and in turn, you’ll make a lot more money (and yes, this is compatible with YouTube’s terms of service!).

The videos and pages that this thing creates in just a few clicks are honestly quite amazing to see – I almost couldn’t believe it, myself. They really do look like something that has come out of a professional studio, only you’re going to be able to make everything in a matter of minutes.

You’ll be able to add your logo, a headline, adapt the page’s background color, and your video. If that wasn’t enough, you will also be able to add a call to action button and footer text. This is just a small fraction of the features you can expect with access: this really is a complete all in one solution for anyone who is searching for something that can help them to take their affiliate marketing and sales to the very next level.

If that’s you, then I urge you to go and take a closer look at one of the most impressive products I’ve seen in a while.


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