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WP Rank Express

Is traffic your biggest bugbear? Are you struggling as you try to coax people to visit your website, trying every method known to man, yet flopping miserably as everyone just ignores what you have to offer? Perhaps you’re even secretly convinced that you’re invisible, because no matter what, nothing happens. Sure, maybe you got a couple of bites a few times, but the income from that barely stretches to a modestly sized fast food meal.

This is a fairly common complaint with new marketers – in fact, so common that 97% have this exact complaint. It’s a complaint that’s so frustrating and demoralizing that it causes that same number to drop out. Maybe not today, tomorrow, or next week, but in the coming months or years, defeat sets in and quitters quit.

For the remaining 3% who keep struggling and learning, there’s a strong chance that they will build an elite business that gives a real online income. At this point, the sky really is the limit, depending on where you want to go and what you want to be. Want to simply enjoy a regular life but without a job? You got it. Want to be a millionaire with all the trappings? It’s a little more work, but it can be yours, along with everything in between and beyond.

But first, you need to fix your traffic problem. If you’re using WordPress (and you should be), then I have good news for you in the shape of WP Rank Express. This is basically a one-click plugin that effortlessly gets you higher rankings (which means more traffic) by giving you 13 easy tools that you can start using today from your WP dashboard.

If you’re building websites and just hoping for traffic, that’s why you’re not getting any – this is the plugin that helps you to stop hoping and start getting. Inside, there’s a backlink generator so you can start getting dozens of links to your sites in just one click, an on-page SEO analyzer that shows you exactly how you can boost your SEO, and an article rewrite that helps you to easily fill your site with unique and relevant content.

Need keywords? Then you’ll love the Longtail Keyword Finder, which delivers hundreds of the best longtail keywords in a snap. This can be further leveraged with a Keyword Density Generator and a Keyword Typo Generator.

There’s also a search engine submitter that will instantly submit your site(s) to the biggest search engines, an XML site generator, a screen size simulator, a webpage spider viewer, a disavow file generator, and a website status checker.

That’s a whole lot of tools, and they’re all going to help you give your site a significant boost. If you’re ready to start getting traffic instead of staying frustrated, this is a smart pick – you won’t find all these tools anywhere else, and they all implement in just one click.


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