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WordPress Finally Has A Brilliant Image Editor Similar To Photoshop

One of the joys of using WordPress to run your websites is the enormous amount of themes an plugins available to cater to just about any need you have. It’s great for saving time, and makes it almost impossibly easy to make your site look professional without all the time and expense that would otherwise have gone into it.

WP FotoPress is another plugin that amazes me with just how useful it is. With its simple 1-click installation, you’ve opened up a world where your WP website has a Photoshop-esque editor inside, and this editor will dig through millions of images for your blogs – all royalty free and ready for use.

If you’re fed up with searching for the perfect image and not being able to find one royalty-free, you’re going to love this. All the research, not to mention digging through the crud is just gone, leaving you with high-quality photos that you can use and edit in just minutes.

As an editor, you’ve got a lot of control over manipulating your images (you can also add your own images if you want to, simply by uploading and adding them to your WordPress gallery). All the usual suspects are here, such as cropping, resizing, borders and text. A nice touch is that you can use layers for any editing, something that I don’t often see.

Additionally, you can add special effects, shapes, Instagram-style filters and even do freehand drawing as required. Want to add a watermark? That’s also possible. Oh – and the premium video player included is a nice little unexpected bonus too.

All in all, this is absolutely something that every WordPress user should have. It’s fun, fast and packed with features.

WP FotoPress review
Rating: 4.6
Reviewed by Michael J. Carter
Date: October 24, 2016


Fotopress image

Launches October 31st, 2016 (10am EST)
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