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WordPress Know How

WordPress is made to be easy to use. It has leveled the playing the ground for online marketers of all levels because it doesn’t require any technical skills for one to set up their website and start blogging. It is also not hard to maintain your WP site once it is created. However, it is not always cozy for beginners. You must take some time to master it to be able to create a fully functional WP site. Its simplicity lures many starters and just go straight in- and that is why the web is full of so many unfinished WP sites or those that have never been monetized. If you have been looking for a comprehensive course that would show you how to take full advantage of WordPress, or you are new to blogging and don’t want to make mistakes, this “WordPress Know How” course has everything you need.

This training leaves nothing for chance. It will take you through how to install your WP quickly and easily, its general settings, adding images, differences between posts and pages, how to style your pages with bolding, italics and underlining and how to use hyperlinks in your content. Then also discover everything about themes and plugins, how to add YouTube videos, setting up permalinks for your site, setting up menus, modifying sidebar widgets, managing user accounts, how to add new categories, setting up links to your blogroll, how to ensure your website is secure and so much more.

This is everything you need to learn about WP put in one place. It will actually shorten your learning curve

You will start feeling more confident about your ability to create and manage WP sites, and thus easily take advantage of the lots of opportunities out there.

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