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Whiteboard Video Packs

Video story telling is one of the most powerful ways of increasing engagements and does wonders to your conversion rates. If you have not been storytelling in your business, you are missing an insanely effective opportunity to sell your products and services much easier. However, you need a good whiteboard and funny animations to make your video stories stand out. By using colored doodles and fun animations, you can be sure to capture your audience, make them feel relaxed and entertained, and increase chances of taking action. It’s easy to beat your competition who are using boring texts, graphs, and numbers, by taking advantage of the friendly world or cartoons and animations.

Now you can start crafting your own super-engaging whiteboard videos like a pro, without having to hire expensive hand-drawn artists or video animators. Just get this mega package with “Whiteboard Video Packs” featuring six mega video packs with 527 unique items which you can use to craft your own video story to pitch your products/services in a fun and engaging way for self-promotion, commercials, explainer video, branding materials and much more. The six packs include multi-colored whiteboard SVGs, vector animated background loops, vector animated elements, vector animated transition effects, image backgrounds, and royalty free music tracks. These are fully compatible with all top video and graphics editors, and you will easily be able to:

Skyrocket sales and conversion rate with these highly engaging whiteboard presentations

Easily stand out from your competitors, enjoy much more profits and easily become an authority in your niche

With 527 done-for-you animated video graphics, it will be very easy craft your own video stories in just a few minutes- zero outsource fees.

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