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Get Your Website Visitors To Take Action!

WebCaster WP image

WordPress is an awesome blog and website tool, but let’s be honest, it’s video features aren’t the best. Sure, they work, but where’s the customization and functionality that you crave?

Welcome to WebCaster WP, a WordPress plugin that lets you create overlay videos. It’s such a little thing, but it has in my experience massively, massively increased my conversions by forcing visitors to take action.

The plugin has two versions, a standard (10 readymade videos and call to action button) and a professional (40 readymade videos and an opt in form). Now, which version you go for is up to you, but I recommend the Pro version since it’s got a much better choice and I find the form to give that little extra conversion than a call to action.

What I really like about WebCaster WP is that it dumps those pop-ups. You know the kind: you’re trying to read the content and a huge pop-up comes up and won’t go away. WebCaster also grabs attention like this, but instead of an ugly pop-up, you’ve got a broadcaster quietly, professionally requesting visitors to take some kind of action.

For this alone, WebCaster is worth it. The broadcasters have a lot of options for dialogue, ensuring that your Webcast is fresh and original, rather than stale, annoying and, let’s be honest, a complete turn off.

As with all WordPress plugins, WebCaster WP is a breeze to install and get started with, and you’ll be able to get your broadcast up and running in just a few minutes. Honestly, you need to get this, because it is cutting edge and it will set you apart from the pop-up kings out there.


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