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Video App Suite

Video and video marketing have exploded in the last few years online. Thanks to the boost in bandwidth and improvements in digital technology, it has never been easier to take video and put it online after a little editing. The explosion of YouTube at the same time has led to a huge growth in an entire industry of success – and that’s before I even account for the simple fact that when it comes to SEO, video is one of the best tools out there to propel your brand into some of the top slots for any chosen keyword on Google.

It’s no surprise that everyone is rushing to get videos made – but that doesn’t mean that creating good videos has gotten any easier. Let’s face it, making a great video that looks good, sounds good, and has interesting and engaging content is a huge challenge. One that most people fail at until they have experience, or at least a kit that can easily help them to produce the high-quality video content that people are looking for.

If you’re new, then what can you do? I always recommend checking out the latest video tools to see if there is anything that can help you create great content despite having the small issue of not being able to make great videos yourself. Today, I want to introduce you to a new pack that will help you with that while giving you an awesome business in a box.

It’s called Video App Suite, and it gives you an amazing eight apps for the price of one. Each of these apps is designed to help you make high-quality videos that you can either use for your own business…or sell to others for top dollar. What I really like about this offer is that it’s standalone; you won’t need to buy a whole bunch of other tools for the finishing touches, just use this as-is.

The eight software programs include an intro outro expert app, which lets you create intros and outros. You’ll get cover pro app, which makes it easy to create Facebook group and page covers in video. There’s also live mockup app, which lets you add your logos and images to live, moving scenes. Software 4 is slide-machine app, which lets you create videos using slides as well as customizing those slides for your purposes.

6 is a white-boarder app, that lets you create the famous and popular whiteboard videos, while 7 is a video ds architect ap that lets you create square video ads for social media. Finally, number 8 is a custom video FX app, that lets you upload any of your videos and add special effects, some of them are pretty cool and will definitely spice up your video. This is a great little pack for anyone who wants to get started with making pro videos.


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