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Video Analytics & Featured Video Plus

Video Marketing is the new battlefront for marketers because web browsers are preferring them to plaintext content and you can perfect your video marketing campaigns by getting this Video Analytics & Featured Video Plus Suite.

VidAnalytic is a unique WordPress Plugin that provides you with live tracking insightful data and analysis of what videos are getting the best reception on your sites. It allows you to track all embedded videos to all your site pages without the need to make any changes to your template, supports tracking for a single domain, many top-level domains and subdomains and also allows you to create channels to monitor multiple sites. Further, it provides you with an admin login that gives you access to your detailed video statistics as well as a deeper analysis of metadata derived from all your user engagement.

So, with this plugin, you will be able to see all your video statistics from performance trending, play stats, minutes of engagement, view to 50% completion, aggregate playtime, video analysis by browser, analysis as per Geo/country/city, views by embedding domain, and views by embedding URL. And if you are a quick action-taker, you also get The Featured Video Plus Plugin that enables you to set up Featured videos. There are three ways of doing this – you can set it to automatically replace your Featured Images, you can insert a Featured Video Plus shortcode in your posts or manually make use of PHP function in your themes’ source files.

You can take the metadata analysis from this video analysis tool and check which other videos on YouTube matches your users’ interests then program them using a provided quick embed tool or simply get its YouTube link

This will also be a perfect complementary platform for Google Analytics, Omniture, Urchin or any other analytics platform

So, download this package now and start using videos to your advantage. You can be 100% sure of fast results by leveraging these awesome professional video plugins.

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