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Turbo Push Notifications Review

There is nothing more important than getting your site visitors to sign up for your emails – only then do you get a chance to build a relationship and make them your repeat customers. But nowadays, online marketers are finding it very hard to get visitors to sign up. You do the hard work of getting them to your website, but fail to make them sign up to your list and thus miss an opportunity to make them your repeat clients. With the Turbo Push Notifications, you get the exact, simple and proven solution you need to achieve this without even forcing them to leave their emails.

Working with this tool is quite easy. You just upload its files in your hosting account, log in to the protected admin area, set it up once in three minutes, insert a code to the pages you wish to active its sign-ups, and you can log into your cPanel from anywhere and send your notifications to your subscribers’ browsers. You can customize the sign-up box for desktop notifications, thank you message which will be displayed once a visitor provides permission to receive notifications and embed a code to add to your site. This software is a type of PHP script and thus, you can install it on all servers. You also need a hosting account, a domain name with an SSL certificate because Google requires such to be able to send notifications in a secure manner, and a dedicated PP address.

– This easy to use software will help you remain in touch with your target customers.

–¬†You can monitor the subscription and unsubscription rate.

Plus, no monthly fees, no limitations or extra work needed to use this super tool.

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