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Control Your Traffic & Google rankings

Traffic Recon

How are your SEO efforts going? It’s such a vital part of running an online business, yet it can seem so difficult, or unfair at times. After all, no matter what you do to improve your SEO, tomorrow could see a massive change swooping in and rendering all your work useless.

Traffic Recon is a video course that shows you one method of SEO that has never failed: link building. If you’re tired of being confused and frustrated by Google (and who hasn’t!) and its constant tweaking, Traffic Recon shows you how to do SEO and do it right.

The video course starts off with the very basics, working up into more complex ideas, so whether you’re just starting your SEO efforts or you’re a grizzled veteran. This program will help at all levels.

Mistakes are covered, showing you exactly why some “top tips” that many do are actually little more than the kiss of death for SEO. This was my favorite part, since some of the tips here actually stunned me – but it’s good to know where I went wrong, and it’ll be invaluable for you as you start up your website.

The bulk of the course focuses on a no-nonsense approach to SEO and how to make your website(s) attractive to Google, while also remaining relevant with the latest white hat techniques to get traffic to your websites.

In short, Traffic Recon is a great little course. Sometimes I go in expecting the same old with little expectation, but Traffic Recon blew my socks off. It’s essentially 9 years of SEO expertise condensed into around an afternoon’s worth of video content. It’s time to stop using those “one weird little tricks” and learn from a real master.


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