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New Technology Doubles Or Triples Sales

Whether you’re selling your own product or simply promoting affiliate products, the goal is still the same: get those visitors to open their wallets and get their credit card out. There are a whole bunch of ways to do this – but this tool is easily one of the best for fast results.

That tool is Timer Magic. As you might already have guessed, it’s basically a timer countdown tool that alerts your visitors to the fact that the deal they’re looking out is going, going….and not quite gone yet, but they’d better snap it up right now before it’s gone forever.

It’s no secret that creating a sense of urgency helps to get people whipping their wallets out, and this is no exception. You can use Timer Magic on your website and in emails – even autoresponders, and there’s no limit to how many timers you can use.

Everything is hosted, so there’s no software to install. In fact, all you need to do is copy and paste the code in order to display a timer and it will display perfectly on all internet-enabled devices, from a 55” widescreen smart TV all the way down to a 5” smartphone and everything in between.

Essentially, all you need to do is design your timer, copy the code and paste it in wherever you want the time to appear. There’s nothing complex here at all, just a couple of minutes of work.

There’s not much else to say here except this is the best timer tool out there. I can’t think of any others with so many dynamic features that are also so simple to use. If you’re ready to get those conversions skyrocketing, get this now.