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One of the biggest problems every business has is how to reach out to its customers quickly, easily, and without spending too much money. Email marketing, video marketing, SMS marketing, advertising on various networks and even in real life on billboards, radio, and TV all cost money, and you’re never really guaranteed results.

After all, you can spend hundreds of dollars on a system only to get nothing back – and for many people, breaking even is just about all they can expect. So, what can you do today that will help you to maximize the number of people you reach out to, while keeping your budget and ad spend to the lowest possible number?

Luckily, that’s already pretty achievable with the internet, especially considering that sites like Google and Facebook have huge ad networks that can be finessed down to particularly fine points thanks to the enormous – and a little scary – amount of data they hold on network users. But you can go one even better than that.

Imagine having the power to send unlimited messages for free to the people who are most likely to be interested in your offer. People who visit your website and who are already familiar with you. People who you know are looking for what you have to offer. Sounds hard, or like a job for a (pricy) autoresponder together with email marketing efforts?

Think again, because a powerful new software called Textly has just come out, and it is completely transforming the way that you can talk with your perfect customers. As you may have already guessed, this software allows you to quickly and easily send unlimited mass texts to your customers without needing to pay a single dime.

This works on their cellphones, which means you’ll literally be broadcasting to their smartphones in their pockets, not just a dusty email inbox. People simply can’t resist checking their notifications, which means that your open rates and click through rates will be sky high, boosting your profits like never before.

What’s really impressive is that this doesn’t cost you a dime. I am not sure what kind of technical wizardry goes into this, but it’s an incredibly welcome change from having to dig deep into your pockets every time you want to simply market your business.

This offer is going to be of interest to online businesses and marketers of all kinds, simply because it’s such a budget-busting piece of kit that has the power to put you right into an unlimited amount of people’s pockets in the snap of a finger. It’s hard not to see who wouldn’t love this simple functionality when so many other methods cost so much and just aren’t as effective.

All in all, this is definitely an impressive piece of kit that you’re going to want to check out, even if you’re not at a point in your business where you think this could be useful.


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