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Make Money Selling Print-On-Demand T-Shirts

Tee Inspector – Of all the popular ways to make an income online, t-shirts have been one of the most popular and widely adapted. After all, we all love t-shirts, and especially t-shirts with a smart, funny message or logo on them.

Tee Inspector is a research software program that helps people interested in creating a t-shirt empire make great t-shirts. In short, instead of trawling through popular or niche ideas for great t-shirts that will sell tons, Tee Inspector does it for you. Save time and make awesome t-shirts.

As you might expect, Tee Inspector works with Teespring, essentially trawling through the website to find top-selling t-shirts, great campaigns and uncover designs that are popular and make bank – there’s even an option to create interactive reports that you can then sell on Fiverr.

In short, there’s a LOT of options here, and all of them are geared towards making t-shirts a profitable sales stream without having to spend a lot of time on research. In addition to the research features, there are quite a few useful design and creation tools that enable you to create campaigns on the fly and preview them with a simple hover to see how it will look to the average customer.

Don’t want to create your own campaign? Well, Tees Inspector does allow you to spy on other people’s campaigns and grab masse of data, essentially giving you a peek under the hood to discover what tactics you should be using in yours.

Tee Inspector is a great software program that is a must-have for anyone who is on Teespring, or planning to make t-shirts a core part of their online strategy. If that’s you, I strongly recommend going over there to check it out now. This is hands down a fantastic tool!