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Ever get tired of seeing the same old offers that show you a new way to do the same thing differently? Email marketing, list building, solo ads… at this point in the internet marketing industry, most subjects have been done and then beaten to death, making it hard for newbies to know which program is really right for them.

My recommendation is always to look for something new and fresh that doesn’t offer the same as everyone else with a slightly different method. Instead, remember that fortune favors the bold and look for programs that forge new paths.

This way, you can see what really happens when you try something new that few other marketers are doing… and discover just how powerful novelty is when converting potential leads! Good news for you – I’ve found one such program today.

StealthD is a new, unique software that blows away the old paradigms and brings you something new and unexpected. If you’ve been looking for the perfect way to build your email list lately, you know that the same old techniques come up over and over again: build a page, send traffic to it from a source, reel ‘em in with a lead magnet, then rinse and repeat.

Sure, there are variations, but that’s the basic salsa. What this program is doing is taking that old school blueprint and throwing it out. Instead, it’s giving you a new, incredibly sneaky way, to get into people’s inboxes without having to get a degree in programming or spend hours building funnels and other techie stuff.

What makes this truly remarkable is that you can get this set up right now. Because there’s no brain-teasing tech stuff to sort out, it’s actually incredibly easy to get started. Put it this way: your grandma could probably get started with this today if she wanted to, it’s that easy.

Instead of emailing people the old fashioned way – and having to follow a whole bunch of regulations and people watching closely, this program lets you ‘email’ whoever you want, whenever you want, without a list or an autoresponder.

Instead, you’re going to learn to think outside of the box and follow the plan that’s carefully outlined here, giving you not just the full skinny on how to implement this program, but also how to build a passive revenue business the easy way (and by the way, it scales brilliantly!).

The training itself is pretty comprehensive but shouldn’t take you longer than an afternoon to finish. I’d recommend watching it at least twice so you really understand how it all works. While the app is super easy to use, there are a few important features hidden away that you will want to learn to use properly.

All in all, this is a hugely promising new model – be one of the first to try it out and reap the rewards when your conversion rates skyrocket.


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