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Spin Grade

It’s almost impossible to work online without ever spinning articles. You need content for niche websites, blogs, review websites, backlinking, article marketing, commenting and the list goes on. If you were to write original articles for all these needs or even rewrite unique versions of content you already have on other websites, you could use lots of time. Thus, sometimes you buy PLR articles, eBooks, reports, or even want to pick content from your other pages. With all these alternatives, you have to tweak them a bit to ensure they are original lest you attract the wrath of Google search engine bots and get your site slapped hard. But did you know that it’s almost impossible to attain 100% original content with most of the article spinners you are using right now? That is why you need this “Spin Grade”, a complimentary solution made to help you determine just how unique your spun articles are.

This is a web-based service, no software to install and it compares up to 50 articles at one time. it grades each article against all other articles in the group so that you can see the exact percentage match. It is very easy to use. As you will see from an accompanying video, its grading process is very transparent and you can even select the grading level.

Here are a few benefits:

It will help you avoid potential duplicate content penalties by comparing your content and establish the level of similarity with very high accuracy

You can access it from anywhere since it is web-based

You will be able to verify your outsourced work with ease

You can use its ‘export results CSV file’ feature to show your customers proof for added value to their services.

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