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Speedleads Browser Extension

We all know that content is the king of internet marketing business. It helps you attract potential customers, build authority, trust and goodwill, and it is also the main way of introducing new products or brands. But the problem is creating engaging, high-quality content which is requisite for a successful online campaign is time-consuming and costly. So, what about if you discovered a way to easily leverage the hottest content that is already out there and make it work for you?

Well, that is exactly what you can start doing right now by using the “Speedleads Browser Extension”, an easy to use tool that allows you to piggy-back on the content produced by other people, trusted brands and authorities in your niche. This tool does this by overlaying a “branded call-to-action” to every link you share in seconds. You just have to click the speedleads icon in your browser, choose the campaign to add to the page, and then select where you want to share the link for maximum impact. You can attach a button to the page linking to your site so that people can discover your offer while reading it and by so doing, you will be able to get targeted traffic, registrations for your events, download your apps, capture emails, or any other.

This is a completely new dimension of getting leads and traffic to your website and with it:

– No more need to hire an army of the best content writers or even wasting your time trying to do it yourself.

– You will be able to piggyback the best content to engage your audience, drive traffic to your web pages, and presell products and services with ease.

– Your IM business will actually be easier and more enjoyable.

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