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Special Repwarn Resellers

At the core of online reputation management is the need to keep track of what people are saying about your business. If somebody reads five good reviews about a restaurant for instance and then another one negative one, it is the negative review that tends to stick more, and that is why offline business people invest lots of money in reputation management services. Typically, is you are given a reputation management service to provide, you are given a list of terms to keep track of online. When such terms appear in any review or blog post, you keep a record and send it to the client. Unfortunately, this can happen when the damage has already been done, and that’s why many businesses are no longer ready to work with people who only alert them when the damage has been done.

Now you can be that go-to person by using this Special Repwarn Resellers software that takes reputation management process on 100% autopilot. With this software, you just have to put the keywords you want to keep tabs on (could be brand name, company, key personnel or even competition) and it will scour the deep web leaving no stone unturned. Whenever somebody posts or mentions any keyword on Facebook, Twitter, on a blog or anywhere online, your client will be notified instantly through an email. This will enable them to take immediate action and either diffuse any negative comment or use the opportunity to generate leads from such.

Your offline consultancy business will be running on total autopilot because RepWarn does everything for you

Passive and repetitive income- your clients will be paying you monthly, and thus, you enjoy steady income flow

Easy client retention – this software provides an active service. Your clients will be seeing it working (as they will be getting notifications every now and them) and that means the retention rate will be very high.

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