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Want to make videos? We all do – it’s one of the most powerful forms of marketing today. There’s just one problem… it’s not exactly easy! While there are many video making offers out there, most of which are excellent, you soon realize that there isn’t a lot of difference between them. You get pre-made video templates so that it’s easy to create videos, and all you really need to do is change the input – typically text, images, colors, prices, and so on.

Once done, you should have a video that looks flawless in theory. However, that’s not always the result; sometimes, things overlap and you have to rework those fields until everything looks good. It’s a time taking process that might save you time on coming up with the video template – but in the long run, leaves you playing a tiresome game of adjustments. After all is said and done, your clients might insist that they still hate the video…and that it doesn’t match their vision whatsoever, leaving you in a tight spot.

However, that’s all set to change with the launch of Speaq, which is a brand new program. It’s an AI bot that intuitively creates amazing looking marketing videos that you can use across all your social media platforms, leveraging multiple formats… all from a simple conversation.

Yes, I know – it sounds crazy, but technology is steaming ahead right now with some amazing software, and this isn’t even the craziest part of it all. Let’s say you have a conversation with a client about the video and what they want. Well, you can now do this inside this tool by sending them a link.

The software will ask the questions that it needs to, and the client will tell them what they want, then pay through the software. Once paid, the software program creates a video that matches the exact answers given by the clients. You didn’t really have to do anything other than give them the link!

The advantages here are obvious: you don’t have to waste any time on the video creation process whatsoever, which means you’ll save plenty of time and money on tools. Better yet, you reduce friction with clients over misunderstandings, and best? You can spend more time chasing up new clients and building your business – while getting paid on time for every video you make without having to keep harassing them for payment months after the fact!

With commercial links included upfront, you’ll be able to start using this right away to start making real money with a fraction of the hassles and pains that you can experience using other programs. With multiple niches catered for in local business, fully customizable results (if you do need to tweak), and mobile-friendly performance, this is a stunning tool that shows just how amazing technology is becoming. Stop struggling – let AI do all the work as you collect the money effortlessly.


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