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Sound Effects Futuristic Sci-Fi Mega Bundle

If you need some background music for your marketing project, sound effects for music or movie/video production and information product, this “Sound Effects Futuristic Sci-Fi Mega Bundle” will simply surpass your expectations. A product of Stolting Media Group, a well-known producer of highest quality and creative sounds to the music and entertainment industry for over a decade, this package will help you create multi-media products that are simply out of this world. Download your copy now and open an amazing world of powerful mind-conditioning sound effects that will make your products stand out.

The instantly downloadable bundle is jam-packed with well over 10 GB of premium quality sound effects, ranging from electronic bleeps, zaps, and swooshes, up to extra long sounds that you can use for all sorts of projects. Whether you are a video creator, film producer, websites designer, podcaster, DJ, music producer, game developer, marketer or any other media content provider this package has more than what you need to make your work extraordinary. You can edit, remix or customize in whatever way you wish the sound effects in this bundle or use them as they are. They will be delivered to you in premium quality 16bit/44.1khtz resolution stereo WAV format, and this makes it possible for you to import them into any compatible video and audio editor, digital audio workstation, sampler or other software that works with WAV files.

Make your productions/projects irresistible by adding these powerful sound effects

Save time since you get this huge collection in one pack

Easily increase your conversion rate by keeping your visitors/prospects engaged because of these mind-conditioning sound effects

Typically, each of these sound effects would cost you anything between $2 and 15 dollars, but now you can get them for pennies so that you will save hundreds of dollars.

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