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4-Hook Technique Generates Traffic & Leads From Facebook Assets

Social media is a powerful tool, but also one of the most time-consuming to master when juggling posts, responses and all the other things that make social media such a powerful lead generator. It’s hard enough with just one page – but what if you have multiple pages?

Now, you might think that hiring a dedicated social media manager is a good way to go about it, but that costs money without guaranteeing that they will do the work. An even better solution in my book is Social X: this tool makes it easy to keep engaging on social media without having to pay a human to get to work for you.

Now, Social X can handle all your pages, whether you have one or one hundred. The dashboard makes it easy to dip in and out of individual accounts, while you can also do blanket posts with micro-differences. You can post a bunch of different content including standard text updates, pictures, polls and more – and schedule them all for posting whenever you desire.

The poll in particular is incredibly well done, and even allow you to seamlessly integrate with your autoresponder or offers to really get your conversion rates up. Combined with an easy template design that allows you to make an attractive poll, you’ll be ahead of the curve compared to most marketers.

While this has been designed for Facebook, it also works incredibly well with Twitter and Goolge+, making this a three in one deal. My advice? If you’re looking for a powerful posting tool that takes a lot of the work out of social media, Social X is going to be your best friend.

Social X review
Rating: 4.4
Reviewed by Michael J. Carter
Date: June 13, 2016


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