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Social Marketing Software For Facebook Mobile Devices

Social Mobile Press – Social media has been the runaway success of the past 10 years—who knew that Facebook would grow from being a simple network for college kids into a behemoth that’s used by everyone and their granny? Who could have predicted Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram would become marketer’s playrooms?

Social Mobile Press is all about helping marketers to ramp up their marketing efforts on Facebook’s mobile site, and promises ROI boosts of 65%. In short, the program is going to train you how to use a system that helps you build great lists, run awesome TeeSpring campaigns, create viral content and amazing ads.

Whether an online or offline business, Social Mobile Press can help you—and the system it focuses on in Facebook apps. Like many users, you may use Facebook on your smartphone or tablet through an app—and discovered that apps within Facebook simply don’t work.

Social Mobile Press is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to create Facebook Apps that work with your promotions—and mobile devices. In short, you reach 100% of users on mobile rather than just those on desktop.

This makes creating your advertising materials a LOT easier, and ensures that your traffic conversion explodes—it’s estimated just over 55% of people access Facebook on mobile, a figure not to be sniffed at.

Throw in a bonus training program and VIP workshop both designed to take your marketing skills to the next level, and I’d say that Social Mobile Press is an absolute “must have”. Getting to reach 100% of your audience and not 45% is the biggest deal here—the rest is just an awesome cherry on top.

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