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Skyrocket Your AdSense Earnings

In this awesomee Ebook you’ll discover important tips and techniques for skyrocketing your AdSense profits, as well as:

How to be certain you start the right way, and why this is VITAL when it comes to building a website which makes you money (p. 3)

How to know if you have selected a winner of a topic (p. 13)

How to set up your site the correct way, starting from the very beginning (p. 15)

What the missing parts most AdSense publishers forget to change in their websites (p. 22)

Where to place your ads, and why you should do it a particular way

(based on top models of AdSense professionals and real world stats) (p. 28)

How to create your ads for the highest profitability (p. 38)

Sneaky and underground clever tactics for increasing CTR greatly (p. 57)

And plenty more…

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