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Profitable Keywords and Competition Analysis In Seconds

SECockpit – Whatever your website is about – you, your business or just a simple blog, you want it to be found by people who share your interests, are looking for your product or service and simply propel it up the search engines – and there’s where SEO comes in handy.

However, hiring an SEO expert can cost thousands – and their results may only last for a few months or even weeks, depending on the speed of SEO change. The outlay isn’t quite worth it, which means for the average webmaster, DIY is a more affordable option.

SECockpit offers a suite of tools that are designed to help you narrow your keyword focus in order to optimize your website’s content so it’s always relevant and always current, pushing you to the top of search engine rankings where all the eyeballs are.

At its core is a fully fleshed keyword research tool based on the cloud – so no installation on your computer is required, just a working internet connection (desktop or mobile versions are supported). All you need to do is identify what keywords you think will work best for your website or webpage, and SECockpit will help you with all the hard work of finding the best matching keywords and related terms, enabling you to bolster your ranks.

The program also tracks backlinks and campaigns along with a comprehensive knowledgebase and support service, ideal for those new to SEO who need a little bit of help before understanding the service well.

All in all, the tools are great at what they do, and if you’re looking for a program that helps you to get your SEO where you want it to be without too much fuss, this is the program for you.