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Run Unlimited Webinars & Presentations

RunClick Webinar – As you expand your business, especially if you’re running a coaching or educational tool as a part of your offers, webinars are bound to appear on your horizon sooner or later – and make for a great opt-in reward when growing you list.

The problem that many run into is overpriced and somewhat limited webinar software. RunClick software has completely changed the rules of the game with its software, which I can only define as amazing. Not only does RunClick allow you to create and present unlimited Webinars, it also gifts you unlimited attendees – no artificial limits here.

If that wasn’t already enough to propel this into the best Webinar program available online, the Evergreen function which allows you to use any pre-recorded presentation, leaving you with a 24/7 sales funnel that works even when you’re sleeping

Also included is automatic autoresponder integration and built in lead capture, ensuring that you follow up automatically with everyone. If you’re shopping around for the best webinar software, STOP. There’s absolutely no need to continue searching, because RunClick has got all the features you need.

Throw in universal device compatibility, a single dashboard back office, HD audio and video and branding control and numerous other features, there’s no need to look at any other webinar software. I mean, you can – but you’ll quickly come to the same conclusion I have: this is the market leader, and for good reason.

You can even integrate RunClick with Google Hangouts and WordPress. In short, with RunClick, you get to do your things, your way.

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