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Run A Firesale Interview

Emergencies can strike at any man’s door. These are times you find yourself pushed into a corner. When you need more money, but probably your regular sources are running low, or they can’t cater for your needs. These could be in incidences like a house fire, sickness or you have just lost a job, and you have all the bills to settle. If such happens, one of the quickest ways to get out of it is running “firesales”. These are sales made to generate quick cash. Willie Crawford started a course on this sometimes back. And here is his interview with Kelvin Brown that can give you invaluable insights into how to run successful fire sales. In the interview, Kelvin grills him on critical issues like:

Are fire sales still useful today?
Do I need a software, and if I do which one?
What products would be best suited for firesales and where can one get them?
Can one make it without being famous?
Can they succeed without a list?
What moves other people to buy firesales?
Willie, also shares his biggest mistake ever done with firesales.
What are the costs involved in running a firesale?
How do I design a sales letter for firesales?

This interview is forty minutes long and on top you also get a 40 page PDF report of Willie’s wedding fire sale that generated $104,000+ in sales.

Emergencies are inevitable; why not equip yourself with one more skill to counter them?

The price is very low so that no one misses out on this offer.

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