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One thing that many marketers forget is that it’s a big world out there. English dominates the internet, but globally, not everyone speaks English. Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, German… the list of huge populations of people who need your products and services is huge – but if you don’t speak their language, how can you expect them to find you?

It’s been shown time and time again that businesses that expand to foreign markets can enjoy a lot of success, but only if they speak the local language. Now, you can spend a small fortune on translators and local talent for your videos and audio, but who really has that kind of budget?

The good news is that there are ways you can tap into international marketers without having to hire a whole bunch of experts in another language, and that you can finally do this without having to spend a small fortune.

One of my favorite tools for connecting with foreign speakers is Revoicely. This is a smart, automatic video translation app that can instantly connect you with new audiences thanks to its multi-lingual AI engine that will build out automatic captions and subtitles while converting audio into text to translate it. Want to skip the closed captions and use a real native speaker without having to find and pay one? Then you’ll love this software’s amazing multi-lingual voiceovers as well.

It’s all done through a powerful artificial intelligence engine that leverages machine learning, and while understanding how it works goes a long way beyond my understanding, it really does work! This is absolutely the perfect software for anyone who wants to bust out of the English-speaking marketplace and go explore new horizons in Germany, the Spanish speaking world, and beyond.

Using the software is incredibly easy, too. Unlike many other video programs out there which are more menus than software, this has an easy and intuitive workflow that uses plain English to help you get around and make the changes that you want to very quickly.

Since just about everything here is automated, you’ll spend most of your time clicking and seeing the impressive results – if you’re anything like me, you’ll be amazed at how fast the tech in this industry is evolving and excited for all the possibilities of the future! All this, and you can even take videos directly from YT without having to download them, saving you a ton of time and bandwidth.

You really have to see this in action to appreciate just how powerful it is: even five years ago, clicking a button to have a whole video’s audio translated in speech automagically was not possible – yet now it is, and it sounds superbly fluent.

If you’re planning to expand your business to another country where English isn’t the dominant language, then be sure to check this out – this is one tool that I regard as an absolute essential for your future success.


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