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Restaurant SociGraphics

Faceless corporations are everywhere – and, sometimes it seems like they are taking over our world and creating a dystopian cyberfuture where corporations rule and people just live in their world. As anyone knows from sci-fi movies, this is generally not a good thing, and the smart thing for people to do right now is to rise up in rebellion against these giants before they really do become some kind of evil Skynet overlord.

But before that happens, let’s look at another truth; we all want to make money online, and that typically involves working with those corporations. It’s a dilemma, until you consider that you could marry your desire to make money with your desire to make a difference to (tomorrow’s) world in one stroke.

You can start doing that today with Restaurant SociGraphics, which really emerged from the idea above. One of the creators went to her favorite pizza place and found herself disappointed: her family-owned joint had been closed down and replaced with another corporate pizza joint. It just isn’t the same – and the pizza she loved was gone forever. Why? This superior and small local business couldn’t compete with the endless gold bags of the chains and franchises.

What this means for marketers is that there are millions of small businesses out there that need a local marketing hero to help them stay afloat and beat the corporations; why not make that hero you? Restaurants in particular are under threat from chain restaurants, which Americans flock to in droves despite knowing they’re not great, simply because they ‘know what they’re getting’.

This is a done for you package created for agency owners and their restaurant clients, but it can also be used for anyone coming into this industry fresh (and since it’s all done for you, very quickly!). On top of the smart agency website that will help you to attract and convert new clients, you’re also going to gain access to full step by step video training that shows you how to leverage these tools and start finding clients, as well as how to serve them so they keep coming back. You’ll even learn how to upsell your other services as well!

The main focus here is on pizza restaurants, Mexican restaurants, and Italian restaurants, so you’ll get three funnels (including the optin page, the thank you page, and graphics) to attract clients. Need more goodies? You can grab optional upgrades for things like social media graphics, a prospecting pack, and full social media training to help you boost your conversion rates even further.

All in all, this is a great little package that will be useful to anyone who wants to break into this niche, even if you’re not all that interested in the greater social mission behind it. For those of you who care about the social impact of corporations and want to join the fight, this offer also gives you a chance to join the revolution and make a real difference.


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