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Did you know that over 95% of people will quit their online business, and all of them will not see a single dime when they do so? It’s a horrible, shocking, and stunning statistic that shows just how tough getting started in online marketing one, and a sobering thought for anyone who is tired of earning peanuts: even if it is peanuts, you’re still in the top 5% of marketers.

Competition is fierce out there, and you need all the tools, tricks, and strategies you can muster at your disposal to enjoy success. But what’s making so many people quit? A quick poll reveals it’s a trifecta of confusion, lacking skills, and finding the whole business just too hard to get started. These are all huge issues, and it’s not hard to see why so many give up.

One of the biggest bugbears is hard work. Simply put, when we work hard, we expect to get rewarded. When we don’t, well – it’s annoying. When failure repeats, it’s devastating. So, one of the best thing you can do is to find a way to snip that workload in half so you can cut out that annoyance and continue to focus on growth.

One new tool that will help you to simplify your entire online business operation in just a few clicks is ProfitEagle, a cool new way to automate everything and wave goodbye to the specter of hard work. There’s no need for a domain, hosting, product, autoresponder, skills, or anything like that – it’s all inside here for you to leverage as you want.

So what does it do? It creates profit-pulling affiliate funnels in just 3 steps. If you’ve ever tried to build your own funnels, you know just how much hard and exhausting work that is, and this tool removes all of that.

All you have to do with this is search for the product you want to sell in the library – everything is done for you! – and then select the one you want. There are lots of different niches and products available, so everything is ready inside. Once you’ve chosen yours, you just need to set it up, a process that can be done in a few clicks – integration is ready with autoresponders, and you’ll find that even swipe emails are included with the product. Easy now, isn’t it?

Finally, all that’s left for you to do is to enjoy the free traffic and passive commissions. It really doesn’t get any easier than this! If you’re tired of the huge expense of time and money that being a marketer has so far involved, give this a spin. It’s fast, effective, takes out all the hard work, and is packed with great products. Don’t get mad – get even and profit the fast way with this thoughtful pack that will help you to finally start kicking some major ass in your business.


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