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Use These Clever Hacks To Increase Your Productive Work & Results

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More and more people are living abroad and working remotely. Along with great adventures from working on the road comes a host of difficulties from working all over the world. When you are trying to be as productive as possible but work remotely you really need to streamline your working routine. Here are 5 tricks that you can use to become more productive while working remotely.

1. Reduce distractions with AdBlock
When you work remotely, it is so easy to get distracted by all the commotion that appears across the web. One really useful tool that you can use to minimize the advertisements that pop up on sites is AdBlock. You can get it for your browser in the Chrome web store on Google. A really nice feature about it is that it will keep you up to date on how many ads it has blocked for you. Although it is made as an extension for Chrome, it is available for all other browsers as well.

2. Bookmark with Pocket
It never fails. When you are in the middle of working you will run across something that you really want to read, but you know that if you stop to read it you will lose your focus on work and get behind. One really great way to be able to save it for later is to use Pocket in order to save it for later. Pocket collects all the bookmarks in one place and shares them across devices so you can read things when you get the chance regardless of where you are.

3. Get organized and schedule posts
Many people sign up to multiple blogs or other online publications that they like to read on a daily basis. Sometimes you will have to work and won’t be able to read them all. Being able to keep track of them and sort through them in categories makes it much simpler to manage while you are on the road. Feedly is a great way to keep track of all the publications until you get time to review them. As you take some time to review the publications, you can set them up to post for you across your social media networks by managing them through Buffer. Buffer makes it simple to set up posts for the next 7 days if you need to.

4. Tricks for watching videos and listening to audio
Continuing to learn as we go is what keeps us productive. Before you commit your time to reading a new book, ask yourself if it is on a topic that interests you. If it isn’t something that you want to devote 8 to 10 hours to, choose another topic.

When you are working remotely, it is important to figure out how to consume video and audio faster. If you are waiting on a flight, you can watch videos at 2x speed in order to get the information within a smaller amount of time. Another very useful trick is to listen to audio books. You can also speed up the audio up to 3x speed for the same reason. Be careful though, if you are going to listen and watch things on double speed or more, you need to pay close attention so you don’t miss anything.

5. Structuring your work periods
It is very helpful to block out specific time blocks to work in. You can allot any length of time you like, but you will need to keep track of it. Moosti will help you to keep track of your work blocks and your breaks too. Not only is it simple to use, you can use it on everything from laptop, tablet and even mobile phone. If you need to have noise going on in the background, you might choose to use something like [email protected] which plays specifically selected music to stimulate brain functions, or Coffitivity for some ambient coffee shop sounds. Either way, they can help you to feel more comfortable while working.

Using these tools and tricks to help you work smarter and more efficiently, it can give a sense of normal to an otherwise unusual remote working lifestyle. Not only will they help you to be more focused and organized, they can really help you save a ton of wasted time during your day. If you are traveling while you work, you can use all the extra time you can get to enjoy your adventures.

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