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Just starting your online moneymaking career as an internet marketer and wondering just where the heck to get started? You’re not alone – thousands of people start their own every day, and for many, the biggest issue is knowing what to do. There’s a whole world of choice out there and knowing how to best start walking your own path to success isn’t always as easy as it might think.

I always recommend starting with something simple. Internet marketing can be fabulously complicated with a wonderful array of tools to help you, but just as you don’t learn to run before you can walk, it’s best to approach your new career by looking for something that is basic, simple, and effective. Something that you can use to build your knowledge and experience as you move onto greater things.

One good program that I’ve found which is likely to help a lot of people is David Kirby’s new method, Prestige. This method is one of those point and click specials that takes just a few minutes to set up, requires no website, no tech skills, no budget, and no product to get started, making it super friendly to newbies. Better yet, it also has the potential to bring home a sweet $100-200 a day. Not bad, right?

The course itself is step by step with full guidance at every step of the way. More experienced marketers may find it a little slow, especially if they’ve used similar methods in the past, but for newbies, this is a treasure trove of accurate and actionable information that they’ll be able to start using today to get their first profits tomorrow.

There are also plenty of upgrades to the basic course – useful for those who want to customize their experience. You can get a done for you tool that makes things even easier by, well, doing everything for you, as well as full resale rights to this product (this means you can resell this method and pocket a cool 100% of the profits for yourself). The other two upgrades show you how to work up to five-figure days and how to build an email list that pulls in $300 a day respectively.

Ultimately, this isn’t a technical method – it is something that anyone can get started on right now with very little trouble. If you have been looking around for something that can help you, but repeatedly get repelled by the need to build up entire ecosystems – involving tedious SEO and blogging, this could be for you.

This method has been tested and proven with numerous case studies, so all that is really left for you to do is decide whether you really want this. With the potential to make at least $36,000+ a year with very little work, it’s certainly an attractive offer that is going to help a lot of people discover the power of online marketing.


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