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Are you using social media to grow your business and connect better with your potential audience? If so, you’ve probably already found that it’s not as easy as it looks. After all, you need to give people the content they want to see if you’re going to boost your engagement rate, make real connections, and transform those same people into hot leads.

This problem only magnifies when you have to spread your efforts across multiple social media platforms. Each one has its own personality, and what works well on LinkedIn isn’t likely to go down too well on Twitter (and vice versa). If you’re going to be doing a blanket campaign across all channels, you need help.

Possibly the best help out there today is called Postistic. It is a brand new cloud-based web suite of apps that make it very easy to take your social media to the next level. It does this by connecting eight of the world’s biggest social media platforms under one convenient dashboard – if you hate the constant flipping between windows that often comes with multi-channel marketing, you’re going to love this.

You’ll be able to do all the usual things very easily – stuff like posting an image, sharing a video, or simply writing on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, Tumblr, marketing emails, and WhatsApp in just a few short minutes using this app.

You’ll also be able to schedule posts as well as set up automated posting, which is great if you’ve already plotted out the month ahead – this feature means you just add your content and schedule the posting dates and forget all about it until the next month (or whatever your schedule is). For those of you who don’t have a lot of time, this is definitely a lifesaver which will help you to claw back endless lost hours from social media.

There are no limitations on posting either – so you’re free to go as crazy as you want. However, I would advise respecting the general rules of each platform. While Twitter and Instagram are good places to update multiple times a day, slower sites like LinkedIn and Facebook aren’t – too many updates can look spammy, so while this is a fantastic feature, do bear in mind it’s not necessarily one that you’ll want to max out.

Throw in some useful tracking features to help you quickly analyze your results, and pretty much everything you need is right here.

Social media is still one of the best places to get free traffic from. It’s simply a case of having the right content to attract the right people to your doorstep and having a regular posting policy in place so that people can find you. If you’re finding the time crunch is making things hard, then this useful tool can help you to easily spread your wings on autopilot.


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