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Notify Users With Facebook’s Behavior Conditioning

Popups…how do you feel about them? You probably already know that they can turn off visitors, but at the same time, they do seem to work. The only question is – how do you make them less annoying while increasing their effectiveness?

Pop Notify is the answer to that question, and boy is it a good answer. First things first, if you have Facebook, you’ll already be very familiar with Facebooks notification popup that comes up in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen every time you have a new message, or someone likes a post or photo that you’ve posted or commented on.

At its heart, that is Pop Notify’s genius – because this WordPress plugin puts a well-known popup that people like right into your website, allowing you to customize unlimited messages for your readers, who simply won’t be able to not look, simply because of their conditioning.

Installation takes a minute or less, while setting up your ads take as little or as much time as you want to spend on it, allowing you to choose images, text, URL destinations, where to open the windows and whether or not your popup is active currently or not, effectively allowing you to create campaigns in advance or rotate your popups as frequently as you like.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, this is literally a gift, and you should be taking it up! I use it myself on some of my sites, and I’ve found my conversion rates increase to an incredible 80%. You simply won’t get that with traditional popups – so why stick with them?

If you’re not sure about popups, give Pop Notify a try – it will transform your opinions while driving prospects where you really want them to go. What more could you ask for in a simple WordPress plugin?