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Control & Profit From Traffic On Social Networks

PicRedirect – When it comes to attracting traffic to your website, most of us are ready to try everything and anything. After all, every little helps and we all hope for that one golden goose that somehow brings in an avalanche of visitors that are more than happy to eat up your entire inventory.

PicRedirect is a pretty cool tool which allows you to make all your images clickable on social media. Essentially, any time anyone clicks on your social media picture, they’ll be sent to your landing page (you can choose any page you like). Set it up once, and it works on autopilot. Pretty neat.

Whether you’re using Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or any other social media site, this tool just works. Sign up and you’ll also get a webinar that teaches you marketing secrets of Facebook. You’ll want to listen to this, because Robert Mercado pulled in $250k in one year using these techniques – and I think that’s the kind of success we’re all looking for!

You can use your own pics with PicRedirect, but if you’re stuck for ideas, or simply don’t want to spend hours searching for the perfect image, there’s a gallery available full of clickable images that you can use free of charge. These photos are pretty generic, but I consider that to be a good thing, since they can be used with any business type.

Essentially, this is a pretty rocking tool that makes your images link direct to a page you’re trying to promote that also gives you solid advice on how to get your image viral. If you’re looking to get your social media marketing promoted to awesome and increase your CTR, this is definitely a tool you need in your arsenal.