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Build A $1000 Per Month Business In 30 Days

Passive Print System – If there’s one passive income strategy that many marketers might have let fall to the wayside when chasing the newer, sexier games in town, then it’s newsletters. Sure, email lists are still popular, but the humble newsletter remains one of the most powerful tools out there – and definitely something you need to be considering as another funnel to add to your set.

Passive Print System shows you how to leverage the newsletter and micro payments part time and enjoy a more sedate pace of life. What it teaches is simply how to write a 2-3 page newsletter on any niche, once a month. Set it up on autopilot and enjoy the cash roll in as each subscriber sends you a small payment, month on month.

It doesn’t sound huge on the face of it, but imagine how many of these newsletters you could create monthly, either by yourself or with the help of a skilled writer, and suddenly it’s easy to see why Passive Print is making many – including me – sit up and take notice.

The course is simple and well laid out, making this a great business even for a newbie. Since your newsletter(s) can be about whatever you want it to be, the sky is really the limit. You’ll learn how to target the right people and get them interested through a website with a sales page and an opt-in page, along with a lot of strategy notes to ensure that you won’t put a foot wrong – and that includes examples and “fill in the blank” copy.

There’s not much else to say about Passive Print System except this is a solid system that is well worth checking out. I love it, and it’s an absolute must-have for anyone who’s ever thought, even just once, about this passive income source.