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Offline Marketing Miracle

Are you struggling with small earnings from your offline consultant business? You find that you are working so hard, with little returns to show from it. Or are you confused and secretly afraid of getting started as an offline marketer? There are millions of offline businesses out there which you can assist and make good money out of them. Many more are also coming on board, and thus the opportunities will keep on blooming. Here is “How to Pull Massive $2,995 Paychecks from Offline Clients with Skinny Little Books. In Just 3 Easy Steps” It is called the Offline Marketing Miracle, by John S. Rhodes, a known offline marketer who has made fortunes by providing solutions to offline businesses.

This is what you get when you purchase the offline marketing miracle package: a Core Training Video (2-hour high-quality video webinar).The Offline Marketing Miracle Mind map – it is in the .mmap and .pdf formats. The Offline Marketing Miracle “Special Interview-Style” Book Manuscript and the miracle $2,995 Book Proposal.

You will learn how to create custom books and sell to offline clients. In this system, you can have your clients do the writing and appreciate you for it. To help you do this with ease, Rhodes gives a template he has used to earn over twelve thousand dollars every week. You will also get tricks of making every client’s book unique and of high quality by changing just one word, how to guarantee an “ Best Seller” to any offline client, and how to easily get customers.


You can sell it as a stand-alone product. Alone this book-publishing service can make you thousands of dollars.

For your existing local offline clientele base, this can work as a high value upsell.

You can lead with this service and circle back to sell them social media, website, and SEO services later on.

You might have gone through many offline consultancy courses without success. Well, at least all offline marketers go through that period at one point of their business and them that learn the secrets of this business grow big in this industry that is full of opportunities. I say full of opportunities, because offline consultancy can never get exhausted.

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