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Facebook is currently the biggest and most-valuable social media network, and if you are still not using this platform to get traffic and leads for your online marketing business, then you are leaving lots of money on the table. Well, many marketers complain of not having enough time to manage their pages, others find it hard to get fans and convert them to traffic for their websites or even not being able to get the viral effect on their posts, and this is exactly why the “Octosuite” has been created.

This is the world’s first of its kind software that will give you a complete management, mass automation and engagement features that will help you send your Facebook fan pages and groups viral and eliminate the need to ever have to post an update again. With this tool, you can automate your fan pages, schedule, and drip-feed to multiple fan pages and groups at once, bulk post to Facebook groups (even ones that you don’t own) and much more. It will let you search different social networks at once for any niche, quickly filter the content and get the most liked and trending posts or even do a location-based trending content, and then allow you to post with one click or schedule. And all you need to do is to enter your niche and it will give you every related fan page and let you view content from the most viral, most recent posts or even videos, image and so on. These you can edit or add text with your call-to-action, then post or schedule to be posted to your fan pages and groups. You can also use it to view what is trending on Twitter, YouTube, trending images/videos and so on, and you can as well select to edit and post on different groups and pages.

– It will save you lots of time with its group pass joiner and poster.

– Allow you to sit and watch as views, comments and likes come in live.

– Never worry about content again.

– It’s 100% set-and-forget and just what you need to take full advantage of Facebook traffic.

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