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Mass Automate Tasks, Viral Traffic & Sales On Facebook, In Under 60 Seconds

Social media is fun when it’s for personal use, but what marketer doesn’t groan inwardly at the prospect of having to generate yet more content for their fan pages, groups and pages over multiple networks?

I know I do – it’s not just creating the content, it’s also targeting it, making it attractive and also relevant. After a few months, even the most ardent lover of social media marketing is going to wish for a break – or an assistant. Nevertheless, the hard work that goes into this can result in huge sales and even going viral for mass exposure.

A new, smart solution has just arrived on the market: Octosuite. This software is, in a word, quite wonderful. If you have a social media manager, they’ve just lost a job, as this program can handle all of your fan pages, groups and even external social networks with ease.

It takes the most viral trending content and posts it every single day, massively increasing your organic reach – and your brand exposure to new customers. All of this is completely automated, and saves hours of your time, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

In short, as the world’s first complete automated social management tool, this is something that you need in your life.

If you’re ready to start growing you audience, ramping up your traffic and convert those leads for bottom-line, top dollar profits, I have no doubt that this is one of the most important social media tools that marketers will see this year.

Octosuite review
Rating: 4.7
Reviewed by Michael J. Carter
Date: July 9, 2016