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Video marketing has been trending for years now as technology finally gave us the means to stream full video online – and even ways to make video that meant most people could now make them on the fly with their smartphone and do edits on their home computer. Something unthinkable even a decade ago is now a glorious HD reality, and audiences are demanding that content be given in video. Marketers are only too happy to provide video, too, knowing that conversion rates skyrocket when video is used.

If you’re not a video person, then now is the time to change that. This trend isn’t going away – in fact, it’s still growing! Now, you might think that because you are not a pro video maker, it’s delusional of you to think you can make a video, never mind a professional one. It might cost too much to hire a studio for just one video, but you can and are capable of creating amazing videos fast for all of your products and services today.

How? It’s that awesome software – software that offers templates and plenty of quick routes to success in creating videos. One of the latest and greatest programs to come out is called NewscasterVocalizer, a new and groundbreaking app which makes animation videos, explainer videos, doodle sketches, and motion videos even easier by giving you that radio voice every time for your voice over.

For many people, this is the hardest part of making a video. It’s easy to make the visuals now, but voiceovers are another game. Your own voice might not sound great, and hiring voice over artists can be expensive as well as frustrating.

With this tool, you’re gaining groundbreaking access to a world-first app that takes full advantage of text to speech voices generated by the world’s most natural neural voice-over, generated automatically with a realism that makes other, older TTS (text to speech) software results sound incredibly robotic.

As you might expect from the name, these are all in the newscaster style, a familiar living room twang that exudes trustworthiness and credibility. There are multiple voices here, both make and female, so finding the right tone for your next video is as simple as listening to these voices and picking the one that sounds right.

This is also multilingual with multiple voices for different languages, so all you really have to do for your golden-voiced audio is select the language, pick the speaker, paste in your text, and click create.

Less than a minute later and your script is ready to go, all read out with a sonorous voice that sounds like it costs a lot. This is a neat little tool for anyone who is tired of dealing with prima donna voice actors and a fantastic addition to your video editing suite, helping you to take your multimedia productions up to the next level.


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