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Mobile Marketing Ideas For Businesses

Mobile Marketing Tips That Will Grow Your Business Overnight image

Today, with more and more businesses creating their own mobile apps to connect with their customers, it is more important than ever to keep up with the new trends. Whether you are going to create your own app or not, there are a number of things that you can do to improve your mobile marketing efforts. This article will share some insights with you as to how you might run a more effective marketing campaign.

1. Offer discounts – Because of strict regulations requiring businesses to get customers permissions prior to sending information, you should offer your customers extra deep discounts as a bonus for signing up to use your app. Make is worth their while to take the time to fill out the user information. The discounts should be better than the discounts you give to online customers.

2. Give incentive – Another useful way to get users to choose to use your mobile app or to sign up for your mobile promotions is to offer an incentive up front. You could give them a 20% off coupon for their first order, or perhaps a buy one special product and get a second free. Make the incentive something that will get the mobile user to want to sign up.

3. Use current QR or 2D codes – You should use the most current technology in your mobile marketing wherever you can. Set up a QR code that will take your users to a site that offers special information to them that they can use. Bear in mind that not everyone will know how to use the most current tech.

4. Create a dedicated opt-in for mobile – You shouldn’t still be sending mobile customers to your web page to opt-in to your email list. You need to create a dedicated opt-in list just for mobile, not only to identify them as mobile, but to be able to offer them special promotions that the rest of your lists don’t get.

5. Communicate socially – Social media is not much of a sale platform when it comes to mobile. You need to utilize social as a communication method to connect with your mobile audience. Join the conversation and get to know your customers.

6. Become searchable – Today, business needs to meet customers where they are. Mobile marketing is a necessity for every business, so you need to make sure that your customers can find you and your products wherever they go. Take the time to get your website ranked locally for your customers so that when they search for the products you offer that your site pops up. If you’re not searchable to your customers on local, you are going to miss out on sales.

7. Decide if it’s right for you – Don’t just get into marketing mobile unless you feel it is right for you and your business. Even though mobile isn’t slowing down, that doesn’t mean that you should make the decision to get in to it unless you are sure that you want to.

If you take these hand-picked tips and tricks that you have just read, you can use them to create a competitive marketing plan that will drive sales and create loyal customers for you. Use these useful concepts to keep ahead of the mobile marketing curve while you build a thriving mobile marketing business for yourself.

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