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Massive Keyword Phrase Research

Are you a newbie trying to find your first niche? Or even an established marketer looking for target undiscovered long tail keywords? Then get this Massive Keyword Phrase Research package and save yourself long hours of having to dig up these keywords from market samurai or any other source you may be using. These keywords are spread over all popular niches, and you will find them very useful in your marketing.

In this keywords package, you will get a long list of long tail keywords (these are in Open Office Calc and Microsoft Excel format). Many of the keywords provided have been tagged, and you can thus just sort them by category, competition or traffic. All these KWs have been gathered using market samurai. They are over a thousand in number giving you an enormous pool to utilize. They are all high traffic keywords with none below 90 potential per click if ranked first in Google. Then another feature is that are low competition keywords, with none of them over 30,000 competing web pages.

Benefits of getting this Massive Keyword Phrase Research package

They will save you a lot of time

You can quickly come up with articles based on the long tail keywords and use for backlinking

You can also acquire SEO domain names to create leads to your established money sites.