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Marketing Graphics Toolkit

Here is a Marketing Graphics Toolkit for anyone out there that does or will use graphics for any marketing purposes. This toolkit consists of some of the author’s very best tools and templates that are geared specifically towards Internet Marketers. The templates and tools you get here will add some irresistible visual flair on every website, blogs and even WSOs you create. In the package, you will get 21 different Modules for your use. All these are highly valuable and could go for hundred bucks if you were to hire a designer, or take you hours if you were to think of preparing them yourself.

About 50% of the graphics in this pack here will require Photoshop or some other special software to use. Of the 50%, about half of them need Photoshop, the other half requires a program that can open PSD files, a free program called GIMP can do. The other half of the package does not require the use of any particular software. You can use them the way they are by just copying and pasting them.

This package will save you a lot of money. If you were to get a designer to prepare these tools and templates for you, it would accumulatively cost a hundred bucks.

You can use these tools for your websites where you market your stuff. You can as well use these tools to create graphics/websites for your customers. And for web flippers, you will find this one very useful for creating sites to be flipped.

While all the modules are easy to use, you do also get step-by-step video instructions for the more “technical” tools.