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Create Guru-Level Graphics & Images In Just Minutes

Logo Genie Pro – If there’s one thing every website definitely needs these days, it’s a great logo. Not only does a great logo make you look professional, it engenders trust, they make all the difference between a sale and a shrug of the shoulders. After all, when it comes to Coca Cola and some off brand coke, which one are you going to head for?

I get the problem – you’re not a graphic designer, and if you’re anything like me, you baulk at some of the rates for professionals out there. Sure, their logos are awesome, but the bottom line is that their prices make your eyes water. And those you can afford? Yeah – anyone could do those.

Logo Genie Pro solves that problem for you with decidedly more than the usual quota of three wishes. You don’t need to have a shred of design skill in your bones, you don’t need to work out the arcane mysteries of Photoshop, but you can make logos that look awesome in a matter of minutes – or even hours, if you want to tweak.

With over 300 templates and fonts contained in Logo Genie Pro’s own graphics editor, this is a great choice for anyone who is planning to have a LOT of websites. There are no restrictions on how many logos you can make, and once you’re happy with your logo there’s a plethora of file formats to save to, enabling you to use your shiny new logo anywhere – whether on your website or on a huge banner by the freeway.

With no watermarks to worry about and a huge range of brand new, unique graphic templates to use with a vast range of fonts, Logo Genie Pro is the only program you should be considering for this job. It’s smart, it does everything you wish that you could and it just works.