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Local Freebie Funnel – Vol. 11

Local business people are no longer interested in buying a separate lead gen websites. As a smart local marketer, you must start looking for ways to give them what they want – a system that can just be plucked into what they already have. That is exactly what you can get now in this “Local Freebie Funnel – Vol. 11”. This pack, from a series of offline marketing resources that are crafted to help offline business people build an email list that they can go to whenever they want, will be their go-to expert for any assistance they need.

In it, you will get lead gen materials for five common niches – dentist, funeral home, home builder, personal trainer and private school. There will be 20 professionally crafted videos 720p HD (MP4 format) – PowToon animation style with matching powerpoint presentation, a Whiteboard animation that is hand drawn and US & UK voice-overs included for each niche. You can resell these videos as part of your package so that your customers can place them on their websites. The videos pre-sale the free report they offer to their site visitors. Then there are five opt-in reports, and 25 autoresponder messages -one report and five messages for each niche.

Everything is done for you. It’s a system that you just offer out there to the ready market and start making money right away.

The lead generation materials are professionally made and will make your clients look like rock stars as well as help them beat any competition with ease

You will be seen as an expert and make them your repeat customers.

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