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List Hero Plugin

Launching free products via Warrior Forum is an excellent way of building a targeted list. It’s actually 100% better than using those typical opt-in forms. People trust this platform and thus, they are likely to leave real email addresses. It also integrates with top autoresponder and thus, you can easily connect your email list to your Warrior Plus offers so that each person who gets your product, is also added to your list. It is also great for tracking multiple sources of traffic so that if for instance, you are buying traffic from PPC, solo ads and so on, you can use W+ to track how it coverts with your offers across your whole sales funnel. You can also get extra traffic from the W+ marketplace because it sends email alerts about your products to people.

The “List Hero Plugin” takes this Warrior Plus list building power to the next level and it works with both free and paid products. You can use it to send links by email and thus sell your products, offers; swap clicks with click banking partners and lots more. You see, under normal circumstances sending download links via your autoresponder requires that you set up a new autoresponder or list for each new product that you launch. This is a waste of time, and you may even end up getting lots of unsubscriptions. Now with WarriorListHero, you don’t have to touch your autoresponder- just create an email for each product, and that’s all. It also enables you to build your self-hosted list at the same time, create instant redirects and make money with your Thank You pages, add all your buyers to your Facebook list (FB retargeting), and so much more.

So, this is all you need to:

Reach your subscribers through main autoresponder, self-hosted autoresponder, and Facebook ads

Increase your online profits by selling own products/affiliates offers with it

Easily build your list in any niche- diversify income with ease.

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