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List Building Academy

Are you a pushy jerk?

I don’t mean to sound rude, but as an internet marketer, it’s not a bad thing to ask yourself from time to time. Put yourself in the shoes of the people you are prospecting to – your leads – and ask yourself that simple question.

Now, let’s say you feel like you might be a pushy jerk. Perhaps it was that thing you said, or you were pushing back too hard on another thing… but did you get the sale? The problem with pushy jerks is that while they can force sales with simple intimidation, they often don’t build long-lasting, powerful business relationships with their clients, which means long-term success isn’t likely.

Think about those times you walk into a store and a sales associate rushes up and bugs you to buy whatever they’re selling. Are you charmed into buying their product, or do you focus on trying to get rid of them and their unsolicited sales pitch?

It’s a tricky one, but you can overcome this negative image by knowing the right way to sell – and unfortunately, many people don’t. In the case of the store Sales Associate, it’s possible that they’ve got no choice, a hard boss, and a script to stick to!

If you want to start building a successful business and a great list with it, you need to learn the right way to sell – and luckily, the List Building Academy is perfect for this purpose. Every month, you’ll get a new lesson to focus on, giving you a slow-burn growth strategy that teaches you the right way to sell to your customer so you get their trust and build a relationship, not get them heading out to the nearest door.

Over 12 months, you’ll learn a lot. Not just the building blocks of building an email list, but also how to write powerful email content, and how to build a relationship with the written word (and of course, while selling your products and services the smart way).

It really couldn’t be easier.

Remember, very few people know how to sell properly, and even fewer know how to both sell correctly and also build a powerful and highly targeted email list at the same time. If you join this elite of marketers, you’re actually darn high to the top of the pile – something that will bode well for you in your future endeavors.

Consider this: an email list of 10,000 sounds impressive, doesn’t it? You can go much higher than this but consider the math: let’s say just 2% convert with each mail you send. That’s 200 people – and if the offer is worth $27, that’s $5,400 in your pocket.

AS you can see, with a large email list and the ability to sell, you’re sitting on top of a goldmine. Learn how to mine expertly and pick up this course today.


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