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LinkedIn Marketing Checklist

A lot of online marketers spend most of their social media time on places like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By no means a bad idea, because these are global faints with a ton of leads and monetization options – but it does mean they’re oversaturated. For you, a better choice may be LinkedIn, especially if you’re looking to grow your network and reputation at the same time.

LinkedIn Marketing Checklist is a product that’s going to provide a lot of value for many different kinds of online marketers out there. You might be an affiliate looking to increase your conversions and sales, a product creator who wants to boost the value of your products, a consultant looking to close more clients, or simply a business owner who wants to get more leads using the LinkedIn platform.

If you’re any of these (and quite a few more!) then this offer is going to be very interesting to you. It’s essentially a collection of checklists that have been made with one thing in mind: to help you crush your next marketing campaign on LinkedIn. Now, you might be wondering how a checklist does that – however, this isn’t your typical grocery list where you just tick off the eggs and milk as you put them in your cart.

Rather, these checklists are mini-instruction lists with step-by-step guides for completing each action. Once you’ve completed it, you check it off. What makes this so cool is that all the information is in one place, so you can literally print this off or load it up on a secondary device as you do whatever you’re being guided to do on your main screen.

If you’ve ever tried following a how-to guide for LinkedIn while updating one aspect of your profile, you know how annoying all the window-switching can be, but the bigger threat is if the guide is outdated, meaning that the instructions may not work anymore! Not a problem here, as this is fully up-to-date with the latest version of the site – just get right into what you need to do.

The lists include things like optimizing your presence, creating a killer profile, setting up your company page, how to advertise, making money, what not to do, how to use LinkedIn tools, creating content marketing plans, getting more followers, and more. With 18 checklists in this, you’re going to find it very easy to get your profile looking good and then start optimizing the heck out of the world’s largest professional social media network.

This is also a PLR, so you’ll be able to rebrand and reuse this as your own work and sell it to your clients – great news if you’re looking to build a brand as a LinkedIn expert, or want to show your clients that you’ve got serious know-how when it comes to LinkedIn. All in all, this is a great little pack.


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